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Poster presentation at Going Global Conference

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Poster presentation at Going Global Conference ‐ “World education: the new powerhouse?” in Hong Kong, 10.-12-03.2011

Developing Global Competence in a Changing Working World. The International Network General Studies

Professor Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, Director, Centre for Cultural and General Studies (ZAK), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

The poster presents the International Network General Studies as a new form of global partnership with the aim of establishing transnational education as an answer to a globalised working world. The International Network General Studies was founded in November 2009 at the Centre of Cultural and General Studies Karlsruhe. Aims of the network are discussions about contents of curricula and the development of shared modules and common standards of quality and certification of General Studies. The network wants to increase the possibilities of mobility and student exchange and organise the inclusion and recognition of General Studies in this context. Students abroad should not only learn specialised knowledge but beyond that develop skills for global competence. The poster underlines the significance of imparting General Studies topics into student exchange and the necessity of focussing intercultural communication and competence, transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, and the widening of expert views already during university studies.