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Ines Bott
Ines Bott, M.A.
Coordination of Lectures

Phone: 0721 608‐46919

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Jean Monnet Circle Seminar

Europäischen Union

The Jean Monnet Circle Seminar „European Integration and Institutional Studies“ offers a basic introduction into the social, political, cultural and economical developments of Europe – especially in the context of globalization and the process of European integration.


The course sessions take place on Fridays from 2pm – 5:15pm.

Venue: Building 20.30, Room 0.016

Course language will be English.


The following topics will be introduced by experts from different universities and institutes
(Winter Term 2019/20):



Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentzel

Europe Seen From Outside. Europe and Its Role in the World

  • Europe´s role as an actor in international politics
  • The specific character of Europe in comparison to other supra-national institutions and co-operations
  • International peace and conflicts




Public Holiday


Dr. Ingo Bott

Law within the European Union; Human Rights

  • Judicial organs in the European Union
  • Normative groundwork of the European Union
  • Human Rights and European Integration



Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schütt

Europe  and Her Stories – Aspects of current narratives concerning the History of Present Europe

  • The more recent history of the European continent
  • European Union as a part of that continent
  • Critical view on European affairs in historic and modern narrations



Julian Plottka

The Future of the European Union after the European Elections

  • European crises and political responses
  • European elections and their consequences
  • The EU Commission’s scenarios for the EU future




Prof. Dr. Monika Oberle

The European Union. Institutional Design, Democratic Deficit and Options of Reform

  • Competencies and legislative procedures of the EU
  • Treaty of Lisbon as an alternative to a European Constitution
  • European Commission, Council, Parliament, and Court




Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha

Identity and Diversity. Unity in Diversity as a European Vision

  • Theories of identity and diversity
  • Concepts of integration in European societies
  • Cultural pluralism and multiculturalism in Europe



Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentzel

Economic Aspects of European Integration

  • The development of EU’s economic integration since 1950
  • Consequences of the monetary union of the EU
  • The future of the EU’s economic integration with respect to disintegrative movements and public opinions


Formal Requirements, ECTS and Academic Performance
  •  Participation in all lectures of the Circle Seminar is obligatory.
  • Credits can be received through a paper which deepens the topic of one lecture (in agreement with the respective lecturer).
  • 2 ECTS credits can be acquired through active participation and preparation of the seminar.
  • 3 ECTS credits can be acquired through a scientific paper (of 4 to 5 pages) elaborating on the assigned topic within 4 weeks after the respective lecture date.
  • 4 ECTS credits can be acquired through a scientific paper (of 8 to 10 pages) elaborating on the assigned topic within 6 weeks after the respective lecture date.

All abstracts and furhter information in the Jean Monnet Guidebook


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