ZAK Course Registration

How to sign up for ZAK courses 

The registration takes place via the new registration procedure "SignMeUp". Access the Campus Plus page with your KIT credentials, or sign up as an external user. Once you have registered, you can access the current offer through the "SignMeUp" tab.
The seminars and lectures offered by the Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale are already pre-selected. You can alter the selection by clicking on the "Course catalogue heading". If you are looking for particular events, you can use the search function.

If you're searching for seminars that are not conducted in English, press the "Event Group" button.

The registration period for the summer semester 2024 starts on Wednesday, April 3, 12 pm.

If you need help filling in the form please contact Christine Myglas: christine.myglas∂

For courses held in English, please see „Seminars held in English“ on SignMeUp.
We also offer one seminar in French.

You can find ZAK's offering for the summer term 2024 on the Campus+ page. All courses in English can be found in the event group “ZAK Seminars held in English”. We also offer one seminar in French.
You can see for which courses the registration is already open, for then a countdown will be displayed in green in the column “Deadline”.


ZAK Courses taught in English/French

Séminaires en français
lv-no. title lecturer type
1130404 Dr. Antor Bada Seminar (S)
Further seminars taught in English open to students from other disciplines
lv-no. title lecturer type
2993 Jerald Guptill Kurs (Ku)
2900060 Cynthia White Kurs (Ku)
2146192 Dr.-Ing. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn Vorlesung (V)
2573003 Prof. Dr. Petra Nieken Vorlesung (V)
2233020 Prof. Dr. Harald Horn Lecture (V)
2581006 Prof. Dr. Patrick Jochem Lecture (V)


Christine Myglas, M.A.
Telefon: 0721-608 42043


Coordination Studying / General Studies:
Dr. Christine Mielke
Telefon: 0721-608 46920