Environmentally Induced Migrants (EIMs) - Drivers and international protection

  • Typ: Seminar (S)
  • Lehrstuhl: Zentrale Einrichtungen - Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale<br /> KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Maschinenbau
  • Semester: SS 2023
  • Zeit: Do 06.07.2023
    09:00 - 17:00, einmalig
    01.87 SR B 5.26
    01.87 Rüppurrer Straße 1a (PSD)

    Fr 07.07.2023
    09:00 - 17:00, einmalig
    01.87 SR B 5.26
    01.87 Rüppurrer Straße 1a (PSD)

    Sa 08.07.2023
    09:00 - 17:00, einmalig
    01.87 SR B 5.26
    01.87 Rüppurrer Straße 1a (PSD)

  • Dozent: Eugenia Pacini
  • SWS: 2
  • LVNr.: 1130411
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Environmental disasters displace every year millions of people around the world, doubling the number of displaced persons due to conflicts and violence. While the latter have different options of international protection, yet no international legal status has been recognized to the Environmentally-Induced Migrants (EIMs). Considering that climate change contributes to the increase of environmental disaster and therefore displacement, this type of mass migration is in the spotlight at United Nations conferences on climate change.

This course aims to clarify the complexity of the drivers behind this phenomenon to comprehend the characteristics of this particular migratory movement. This will allow the identification of those needs of EIM that must be addressed in possible legal protection. Students will be provided with basic knowledge of human rights and forced migrations instruments, environmental and climate change laws that are relevant to EIM. Finally, participants will be prepared and involved in a simulation of an international conference during which they will have to negotiate the protection for EIMs. No previous legal knowledge is required.


  • understand the interactions between environmental changes and human livelihood.
  • learn about international protections for forced migrations.
  • gain insights into the current debate on climate change and its consequences on human mobility


2-3 ECTS


During the seminar students will have to work in groups (simulations and exercises)

Final short essay for 1 extra credit (optional). Final essay is due on 28.07.2023 at 23.59

Good knowledge of English

Willingness to actively participate in group work during classes


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