Body language and your voice - impact on your career


Now you have gained many professional assets but still have the impression that you are not advancing properly in your career.
You may feel that during discussions your arguments are not listened to, that your proposals go unnoticed, that your counterpart takes over. This can result in negative feelings of rejection, uncertainty or withdrawal. Research has shown: When people meet for the first time, the first 20 seconds are crucial whether you will feel comfortable together and will communicate in a constructive way. The individual body language, mimics, and specially the voice transport subconscious messages that people are usually not aware of. But it has a great impact how you are perceived – and received. Moreover, these subconscious signals vary a great deal between different cultures.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to become aware of your own subconscious messages, your body language, and how you use your voice. With the support of the trainer and the group you will be able to try out different options how to present yourself in public.
International students with sufficient knowledge of English are highly welcome!

2-3 ECTS