Ukraine today & yesterday: Culture, politics, history


The second year of the Russian brutal military invasion of Ukraine is going on. But the war began several years ago in 2014 with the occupation of the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea, when Russia decided to redirect Ukraine from the European Union-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Political dialogue between the EU and Ukraine began in 1994. Ukrainian people have chosen the European way of further development.

To evaluate this whole process, it is necessary to understand the causes, course, and consequences of these historical and political events. It will provide knowledge for students from different disciplinary backgrounds about Ukraine's cultural, political, and historical phenomena. It will not be boring hours of plain history. Examples of Ukrainian pop culture will be presented to deeply understand the soul of the Ukrainian people. Insights on the political background will be considered. Most critical events and decisions will be reviewed. Students will actively debate and discuss to analyze cultural, political, and historical examples.

The aim of this interdisciplinary course is to comprehend not only the Ukrainian phenomenon itself but its influence on Europe's development.

2-3 LP