It?s all Greek to me: How to deal with culture shock (in Germany or other places)


What seemed stimulating and interesting at first can often become upsetting and alienating during a longer study or work stay in a new country/place. After the initial enthusiasm has faded, a feeling of disillusionment spreads more and more. You find yourself at odds, you do not understand many unwritten rules, and you realize that you are reaching your language limits. However, the longer you stay, the more you settle in and gain a deeper understanding of the new culture.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then you have probably already had your first experience with culture shock. In this block seminar, we will reflect together on how immersing yourself in a foreign culture can contribute to your own personal development. The workshop also explores what challenges can arise in the process, illuminating cultural complexities by using practical exercises.

A short introduction to basic theoretical concepts, as well as film excerpts ("Lost in Translation”, examples from films by Claire Denis) will round off the course.

The workshop is aimed at participants in the Buddy Program, international students enrolled at KIT, and local students, who are planning a stay abroad.