Culture Shock - Why don?t I feel at home? Workshop for international and local KIT students


Germans appreciate diverse opinions and frank words. Presenting self-confidently your personal point of view is valued as comunicative competence. The opposite is true in Asia and the Middle East: controversial discussions and open criticism result in a loss of face as harmony is of highest importance. People from Great Britain or the US are flabberghasted by straight instructions.

The volume level of voice, physical contact, punctuality – there are lots of differences in our own behaviour we only notice when coming into contact with people from different cultures.

International students often feel excluded in Germany and prefer to stay with their national companions while German students often judge their international colleagues as aloof, missing an open exchange of communication. These differences can result in a feeling of bewilderment and alienation – typical signs of a culture shock.

This workshop will support students from any origin to feel more at home in international groups, to work more productively and to have a deeper notion of each other’s communication style.

A must for this workshop: Courage for role plays; giving and receiving feedback and a high degree of respect.

International students and local KIT students are invited to participate!

1 LP with reflection report