2016 - NationEUrope: The Polarised Solidarity Community

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Since 1997, each year the Karlsruhe Dialogues cover a current sociopolitical issue and discuss it within an interdisciplinary framework for a broad audience. In their anniversary year the Karlsruhe Dialogues will again focus on a current issue. Under the title “NationEUrope: The Polarised Solidarity Community” the symposium will discuss the stability of the European community in the context of ever new and worrying challenges. Eurozone crisis, Greek debt crisis, refugee crisis – each of these seem to leave the European community in more and more conflicting positions. In the past, a membership in the European Community was mainly associated with economic and political advantages. Now, the member states must decide if they are also willing to take joint action when it comes to facing challenges – or if polarised positions and interests will incapacitate the solidarity community. Yet, instead of a clarification of this pressing issue, populism, right- and left-wing extremism, new nationalisms, and unilateralism of individual countries are increasing. Does this mean that the structural and legal framework of Europe has failed? Or is it difficult times like these that hold the potential for the community to show its strength and its willingness to embrace reforms? How much pressure from within can the European Union take? What are the values that keep it together and where is Europe heading to? The 20th Karlsruhe Dialogues will discuss these and other questions with international experts. The symposium will be accompanied by cultural events.


The conference will be conducted in German and English with the aid of simultaneous interpreters.


Concept and Scientific Convenorship:
Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, Director of ZAK

Christine Melcher Dipl.-Angl.

Press and public relations:
Anna Moosmüller, MA




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