17th Karlsruhe Dialogues – Speakers

The ‘In-Between Society’: Tradition and Modernism in Conflict

Gábor Paál



Gábor Paál, born in 1967, works as a moderator, editor, and author at SWR in Baden-Baden. He studied geography and geoscience in Frankfurt/Main and Edinburgh. After his studies, an internship at Süddeutscher Rundfunk in Stuttgart followed. Paál moderates the SWR show Forum und Weitwinkel (Forum and Wide Angle), among others. As an author, he deals with questions of global change as well as with the information and media society. Apart from that, he is interested in science history subjects and generally in the points of contact between science, culture, and politics. He is also known for the series 1000 Antworten (1000 Answers), where he answers listener questions in his segment ‘Frag den Paál’ (Ask the Paál).

In 2003, Paál’s first book Was ist schön? Ästhetik und Erkenntnis was published. In it, he uses a new concept to examine the phenomenon of beauty, and develops a new aesthetic theory of learning and science. In 2008, he published his poetry book Lyrik ist Logik? Gedichte aus der Wissenschaft. Paál’s work has been awarded several prizes, among others the Heureka Prize for Science Journalism, the Development Policy Media Prize, the German Geography Media Prize, as well as the RWTH Prize for Science Journalism.