Textüberschrift 2224

Karlsruhe Dialogues 2011

Sami Ben Gharbia



Sami Ben Gharbia

Sami Ben Gharbia is a Tunisian blogger who lived in exile in The Netherlands as political refugee for the last 13 years. He initially started blogging by publishing the first Tunisian e-book (Borj Erroumi XL) that tells the story of his forced escape, crossing Africa and the Middle East, to reach Europe and seek asylum.

He was co-founder of nawaat.org, an independent Tunisian collective blog about news and politics and is also active as co-organizer of the biennial Arab Bloggers Conference. His personal blog Fikra (فكرة, engl. ‘Idea’) has been censored in Tunisia since 2003.

By now he works as Advocacy Director at Global Voices.