2019 – The Responsible Society: Between Challenge and Overload?

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We are living in turbulent times, in a world that is growing ever more complex through increased interdependencies and a growing lack of transparency. Pervasive capitalism, serious environmental problems, rising social inequality, increasing migration and ongoing terrorist threats are just some of the pressing problems. Addressing the inclination to lighthearted resignation or the appeal of „simple“ populist solutions, there are increasing calls for assuming more responsibility and commitment. Taking on responsibility as a principle of behaviour, on the one hand to counter ruthlessness, egoism and the apparent unstoppable desire for power and on the other hand to stand up for civic rights and cultural pluralism. Which social-political and legal framework conditions could favour a stronger acceptance of active responsibility in politics, economy and civil society in the future? What role do technological innovations, the education system and the media play in this context? Are we already in a crisis of democracy and can it be averted through the engagement of civil society? What challenges arise through new forms of participatory democracy? Will the citizen as a voter be increasingly replaced by the citizen as a consumer? How is it possible to activate the potentials of further development of democratic orders such as freedom, justice and control of power more effectively?

The 23rd Karlsruhe Dialogues will controversially discuss these and further questions with international experts and will examine the different spheres of civil-society, political and business responsibility. The symposium will be accompanied by cultural events such as a film night in cooperation with the television network ARTE and the movie theatre Schauburg Karlsruhe as well as a reading and a theatre play at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (State Theatre of Baden, Karlsruhe). The Karlsruhe Dialogues will be supported by the L-Bank (the development bank of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg), as well as by the city of Karlsruhe.


Concept and Scientific Convenorship: 
Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, director of ZAK
Christine Melcher Dipl.-Angl.
Press and public relations: 
Anna Moosmüller, M.A.


The conference will be conducted in German and English with the aid of simultaneous interpreters.



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