Everything in (dis)order? New obscurities in a globalized world

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The financial markets in London, New York, and Tokyo have gone mad. Civil rights and democracy are being vehemently demanded in the Arabian world, while, in the West, a dominant disinterest in democracy coexists with an increase in calls for grass-roots democracy. Social and political upheavals are shaking Europe and the whole world; catastrophic scenarios dominate the headlines. Our world is characterized by both increasing asymmetries and the homogenization of societal standards and routines. Is the present order losing control? Are our societies in a position to deal with these diverse upheavals and changes?

The Karlsruhe Dialogues, whose programme spans several days, are not an academic conference for specialist inquiries. Their methodology differs from the procedures that are typical for this type of event – not only through the integration of artistic aspects, such as theatre, film, readings, and concerts, but also in their approach to their analytical aspect. This combines presentations on fundamental issues, short statements, presentations followed by discussions, and panel discussions. In keeping with the concept of public science, complex themes are presented to a broad public. By stimulating societal dialogue and fostering communication between the spheres of science, politics, economics, culture, and media, the Karlsruhe Dialogues strive to question conventional ways of thinking and to promote the search for new orientations and insights.

We’d be very happy to welcome you! You can attend the events within the Karlsruhe Dialogues without an entrance fee (apart from the production of the Badisches Staatstheater).
Conference languages: German, English; simultaneous interpreting.

Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha

Rubina Zern M.A., Swenja Zaremba M.A., Christine Melcher Dipl.-Angl.

Public Relations:
Anna Kwiatkowski M.A.

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