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Kai Laufen



Kai Laufen

Kai Laufen was born in Bochum in 1968, and has been working as an editor, moderator, and programme designer since 1999. Since 2007, he has also been working as a reporter and an expert on cybercrime for the editorial staff of "Reporters and Research" at SWR Baden-Baden. His journalistic activities have taken him to Kosovo, Sarajevo, and Russia, and he participated in the filming of a documentary in Colombia.


From 2003 to 2005, he was an advisor at the German Development Service (DED) in Quito, Ecuador, where he planned and conducted educational and training seminars for radio journalists on communication strategies and other topics.


Kai Laufen studied Romance languages and literature as well as Spanish and politics at the University of Augsburg. He completed a traineeship as a radio editor at RADIO 7 in Ulm, and has been certified as a PR advisor by the German Academy for Public Relations.