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Reading - Das Mädchen und der Gotteskrieger


Güner Yasemin Balcı


© Andreas Labes
Güner Yasemin Balcı was born in Berlin-Neukölln in 1975. She was a television editor at ZDF until 2010, and now works as a freelance author and television journalist. In 2012, she received the Civis Television Prize for her report Tod einer Richterin (Death of a Judge). Her documentary film Der Jungfrauenwahn (The Craze for Virgins, ARTE/ZDF) was released in 2016. Balcı is a columnist for the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper, and her articles have been published in Die Zeit and Der Spiegel newspapers; her political features have been broadcast on Deutschlandradio and Deutschlandfunk. Her books are based on her years of experience working with youths from Turkish and Arab families in the social flashpoint of Neukölln: Arabboy (2008), ArabQueen (2010), and Aliyahs Flucht (Aliyah’s Escape, 2012). Her most recent book is Das Mädchen und der Gotteskrieger (The Girl and the Holy Warrior, 2016).