Karlsruhe Dialogues 2011

Catarina Katzer



Catarina Katzer

Dr. Catarina Katzer studied economics, sociology, and social psychology at the University of Cologne, where she received her doctorate in economic and social psychology.

Dr. Katzer’s main area of interest is "Cyberpsychology, Media Research, and Youth Research". She is examining the significance of the various modes of interactive communication that are found on the internet, in particular with regards to children and youths, and she is looking at what uses – and also what dangers – could come out of these forms of communication. In addition to the social transformations brought on by new communications technology (the internet, cell phones, etc.), she is particularly interested in new forms of aggression and violence in the virtual world of the internet.

Catarina Katzer is one of Europe’s leading researchers in the domain of cyberbullying and sexual victimisation in interactive media among children and youths. She conducted and published the first studies on this topic in the German-speaking world.

She has shared her experience and expertise on the topic of aggression in internet communication as a speaker at numerous academic conferences. She is currently conducting German and international research projects and seminars; she is developing workshops and continuing education courses; and she is a reviewer for various academic journals, including the Journal of Psychology. At the German Police Academy in Münster, she gives presentations on the subject of "Violence and Sexual Victimisation in New Media". On the EU level, she is works for Germany in the Management Committee of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action ISO801 on the topic "Cyberbullying: Coping with Negative and Enhancing Positive Uses of New Technologies, in Relationships in Educational Settings” (chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Smith of London). She is an advisor for the nationwide German anti-violence and anti-bullying project for schools "Fit in Fairplay" 2010/2011, and is working on planning and organising a prevention-management project aimed at schoolchildren, teachers, and parents to help combat violence and bullying on the web and to promote media competence. She is also an advisor to the Swiss National Council on the topic of "Cyberbullying – Prevention and Research".