About ZAK



The Centre for Cultural and General Studies (ZAK) is a central academic unit at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The ZAK’s concept is based on three pillars: interdisciplinarity, applied research in cultural studies, and public science.

Its organizational entity is divided into the field of Studium Generale, primarily serving to organize and advance the university’s interdisciplinary course offerings, and the areas orientated towards cultural studies research and public science. A top-class board of trustees supports the ZAK.

The center’s task and goal is to tangibly integrate the subject matter of social sciences and cultural studies into courses of study in the field of technology or science, as well as to impart economic and technological expertise to students of humanities and social sciences.

In particular, the ZAK’s objectives include the promotion of interdisciplinary teaching, and also the interdisciplinary collaboration of teachers and researchers; promotion of scientific, social and economic dialogue; promotion and improvement of relationships and cooperation between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the city and region of Karlsruhe in terms of scientific and cultural exchange; organization of lecture series, symposia, panel discussions, international conferences as well as further education and refresher courses.


Board of Trustees (Kuratorium)
Extramural members with advisory and supervising capacities.


Teaching Staff

About 70 of the roughly 200 lectures and seminars of a semester program of Studium Generale are taught by lecturers of the ZAK teaching staff. These lecturers are extramural experts from the fields of science, research, economy, culture, administration and politics, all bringing extensive professional experience into the seminars and lectures. A regular evaluation of individual lectures and a continuing didactic education of the lecturers provides for the quality assurance of the ZAK’s teaching system.


Please download our flyer “ZAK – an overview” here.