What is sustainable agriculture?

Project week on sustainability in science, studies, profession and everday life

27th – 30th March 2023

From 2023 onwards, the project week formerly known as “Spring Days of Sustainability” will bear the new name Spring Academy Sustainability and have a different focus each year. The programme from 27th – 30th March 2023 will revolve around the question "What is sustainable agriculture?".

Climate crisis impacts such as increasing extreme weather events, a dooming hunger crisis and the consequent pressure on land use and food production are challenging agriculture. A scientific assessment and discussion of pros and cons regarding alternative production methods and land use forms are especially important. How can we produce foods sustainably, nourish the world population and reduce malnutrition at the same time?

The Spring Academy Sustainability starts with a public keynote speech (in German) on Monday, 27th March 2023 at 6pm by Prof. Dr. Dr. Urs Niggli, president of the institute for agroecology in Switzerland and pioneer of organic agriculture, in the KIT Audimax. Afterwards, the sustainability forum will provide the opportunity to connect with numerous research projects, initiatives and companies in the domain of sustainable agriculture.

During the project days in between, students and interested guests who registered can inform themselves and get to know different perspectives in the current discourse through more than 30 parallel workshops and excursions about the topic "What is sustainable agriculture?" that are divided into diffrent categories: Food and Consumption, Society and Agriculture, Land Use, Planetary Boundaries, Bioeconomy and Technology, Urban and Rural Practice.

On Thursday, 30th March 2023 at 6pm the Spring Academy Sustainability will be closed with a panel discussion (in German) about the topic: The future of agriculture - how can productivity and sustainability be reconciled?

The opening keynote speech and concluding panel discussion, both in German language, are public and can be attended without registration.

Attention: These two programme parts and the introductory lecture are only offered in German. Workshops and excursions in English will be marked as such.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Urs Niggli Michael Fritschi
Keynote Speech
Forum Nachhaltigkeit
Sustainability Forum
Panel discussion