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Friday, 11th February 2011

Opening reception of the 15th Karlsruhe Dialogues
SpardaEvent-Center, Baumeisterstraße 21

7.30 p.m.

Welcome addresses
Hon. Senator Thomas Renner
Chairman of the Board of Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg
Heinz Fenrich
Lord Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe
Dr. Alexander Kurz
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs of KIT

Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha
Director of the ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies

Opening keynote lectures
The Internet from Facebook to WikiLeaks:
Play Area of Triviality or Forum of Transparency?

Andrew Keen (United Kingdom)
Entrepreneur and author (“The Cult of the Amateur:
How Today‘s Internet is Killing Our Culture”, 2007)

Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Germany)
Former spokesman of WikiLeaks, initiator of OpenLeaks
and author („Inside WikiLeaks“, 2011)


Musical programme
Laptop-Band Benoît and the Mandelbrots

Benoît and the Mandelbrots see the laptop as their
most important instrument and have primarily
dedicated themselves to ‘live coding’, to programming
in real time. This new branch of computer
music uses programming languages themselves
as an – at first glance non-intuitive, but nonetheless
expressive – interface between human and
machine. In the course of live performances,
auditory concepts and structures are converted
into source code and are then interpreted by a
computer. The array of possible improvisations is
thus (almost) limitless. Occasionally, the ensemble
uses other tools in order to expand the breadth of
their musical expression. The results range from
electronica and ambient music to the electronic
avant-garde. The ensemble was formed in winter
2009 and includes Matthias Schneiderbanger,
Holger Ballweg, Patrick Borgeat, and Juan A. Romero,
all of whom are students at the IMWI (‘Institute
of Musicology and Music Informatics’) at the
University of Music Karlsruhe (Hochschule für
Musik Karlsruhe).

No entrance fee
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Saturday, 12th February 2011

Symposium of the 15th Karlsruhe Dialogues
Saal Baden at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karlsruhe, Lammstraße 13–17

9.30 a.m.





















Welcome addresses
Hon. Senator Bernd Bechtold
President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha
Director of the ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies at KIT

Social Networks and Their Effect on the Offline World
Prof. Dr. Reima Suomi (Finland)
Professor of Information Systems Science, Turku School of Economics

Stop Searching, Start Questioning! Report on Critical Google Research

Prof. Dr. Geert Lovink (Netherlands/Australia)
Founding Director of the Institute of Network Cultures, University
of Amsterdam, Professor at the European Graduate School Saas-Fee

The Google Generation – A Dumbed Down, Fast Information Generation?

Prof. Dr. David Nicholas (United Kingdom)
Director of the Department of Information Studies,
Centre for Publishing and CIBER Research Group,
University College London

Crime Scene Internet – A Challenge for Politics, Education, and Upbringing
Dr. Catarina Katzer (Germany)
Cyberpsychologist focused on Internet communication
and media ethics, Cologne

Cybersecurity – An International Task: When Big Brother Meets Lord of the Flies

Prof. Dr. Richard J. Harknett (USA)
Associate Professor of Political Science,
Chair of the University Faculty, University of Cincinnati

Lunch break

1.30 p.m.
#iranelection: The Revolution Will Not Be Twittered!

Kuros Yalpani (Iran/Deutschland)
Freelance Software Developer, Founder and Webmaster
of the Internet portal, Munich

  Jihadis Try to Make Friends on Facebook

Mina Al-Lami M.A. (Iraq/Great Britain)
Visiting fellow at the Department of Media and
Communications at the London School of Economics
and Political Science (LSE)

Internet Censorship in China and the Role of the Internet in Promoting Democracy

Prof. Dr. Joseph Cheng (Hong Kong/China)
Chair Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the Contemporary China Research Project, City University of Hong Kong

Mass Creativity Online

David Rowan (United Kingdom)
Editor of WIRED magazine, London

Global Music and the Digital World: Unbounded Accessibility and Cultural Memory

Birgit Ellinghaus (Germany)
Cultural manager/music producer, alba Kultur, Cologne

Social Networks – Mirror and Mould of Society
Philippe Gröschel (Germany)
Coordinator for child protection and adviser for media
politics, VZnet Netzwerke, Berlin

The ‘Stephanus-Buchhandlung’ will be offering a special selection of books at their table.

No entrance fee


Saturday, 12th February 2011

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Lorenzstraße 19, Media Theatre

8.00 p.m.











ARTE film night
Presentation of documentaries and feature films
in cooperation with ARTE and ZKM | Karlsruhe

The film night of the 15th Karlsruhe Dialogues
will examine the positive and negative consequences
of the Internet culture; it is presented by the
ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies,
of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),
together with ARTE and the ZKM | Center for Art
and Media Karlsruhe. The evening begins with the
documentary film “Wer hat Angst vor Google?”
(“Who’s afraid of Google?”), which exposes the secret
of the powerful US concern’s success and lets its
inventors, fans, and critics have their say.
“Digital Bomb: The Social Galaxy“ shows how the
boundaries between real life and the virtual world
become more and more blurred through service
providers such as YouTube and Facebook and
through blogs. “Kontrolle total” (“Total Control”) offers
a critical look at the consequences of divulging
personal information in the Internet. The short film
“The Epic 2015” became known over the Internet
and portrays a vision of the future, in which the
gigantic conglomerate Googlezon gains sole control
over the international news market. The evening will
close with the French feature film “8th Wonderland”.
It tells the story of a utopian virtual state, whose
inhabitants – made up of Internet users around the
world – utilize anarchistic direct actions to fight for a
more just future.

8.00 p.m.
Wer hat Angst vor Google?

(Who’s afraid of Google?)
Documentation by Sylvain Bergère and Stéphane Osmont,
ARTE France 2007, 87 min

9.30 p.m.

Die Digitale Bombe: The Social Galaxy

(Digital Bomb: The Social Galaxy)
Documentation by Hermann Vaske,
ARTE/ZDF 2009, 40 min

10.15 p.m.

Kontrolle total (Total Control)

Documentation by Etienne Labroue,
ARTE France/Novaprod 2007, 52 min

11.15 p.m.

The Epic 2015

Short film by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson,
German version by Aperto AG, 2006, 12 min

11.30 p.m.
Midnight Snack
0.00 p.m.

8th Wonderland

Feature film by Jean Mach and Nicolas Alberny,
France 2008, 94 min


Films shown in German version
No entrance fee



Sunday, 13th February 2011

Please notice: The following program has changed.

Morning panel discussion
SpardaEvent-Center, Baumeisterstraße 21

11.00 a.m.


The Net Society 2020 – Internet quo vadis?

Introductory note: Dr. Max Senges (Germany)

Google Policy Berlin, member of the steering committee
“Internet & Gesellschaft Co://laboratory”

Moderator: Birgit Kolkmann

Journalist, moderator and author „Deutschlandradio”

Sami Ben Gharbia (Tunisia/Netherlands)

Tunisian blogger, living in the Netherlands, co-founder of, an idependent Tunisian collective blog about news and politics and Advocacy Director at Global Voices

Axel E. Fischer (Germany)

Member of the Bundestag, Chairman of the commission of inquiry
“Internet und digitale Gesellschaft“ (Internet and digital society)

Daniel Kaplan (France)

CEO FING – The Next Generation Internet Foundation, Paris

Prof. Dr. Ian Rowlands (United Kingdom)

Professor of information science, CIBER Research group,
University College London


Panel discussion due to current events
SpardaEvent-Center, Baumeisterstraße 21

2.30 p.m.




The Web: Between Internet Freedom, WikiLeaks and Cyberwar

Introductory note: Dr. Rainer Stentzel (Germany)

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Project Group Net Politics, Berlin

Moderator: Kai Laufen

Editor, moderator and program developer, expert for cybercrime in the editorial office "Reporters and Research" of SWR Baden-Baden

Prof. Dr. Richard J. Harknett (USA)

Associate Professor of Political Science,
Chair of the University Faculty, University of Cincinnati

Constanze Kurz (Deutschland) (t.b.a.)

Research assistant in the working group “Information Technology
in Education and Society” at the Humboldt University in Berlin,
member of the Chaos Computer Club

Prof. Dr. Jörn Müller-Quade (Deutschland)

Head of the Institute for Cryptography and Security at KIT
Eintritt frei

No entrance fee
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INSEL (Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Karlsstraße 49 b)

  8.00 p.m.



Dunkles Spiel oder Geschichten für Jungs
(Dark Play or Stories for Boys)

Cyber-Drama by Carlos Murillo, 2009
German premiere in the Stadttheater Aalen

With members of the Badisches Staatstheater
Direction: Claudia Lachenauer and Jonas Riemer

Desirable and undesirable aspects of the global
Internet culture provide the central focus of the
cyber-drama “Dark Play or Stories for Boys”
by Carlos Murillo. Do I tell the truth? … Or do I make
shit up? The self-assured and eloquent 18-year-old
Nick tells an absurd story about how, when he was
a 14-year-old, he began to try out various online
personalities in chat rooms – in order to seduce a
gullible 16-year-old named Adam. Nick invents the
dreamgirl Rachel for Adam, who has been searching
the Internet for a girlfriend; Nick adeptly slips into
the role and Adam falls in love. A cyber relationship
develops between Adam and the fictive Rachel, but
also between Adam and Nick – with unexpected
and extreme consequences. Nick‘s toying with Adam’s
feelings becomes more and more of an obsession;
he finally completely loses control and invents further
identities in an attempt to find a way out of the
situation. Murillo offers a gripping drama about the
search for love in the Age of the Internet, juggling
shifting identities, and manipulation in cyberspace.

The reading will be held in German

Entrance fee: € 5,-


Tickets are sold at the "Badischen Staatstheater Karlsruhe" or on the evening of the event at the "INSEL".