Karlsruhe Dialogues 2011

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Caught in the Net? Global Google-Cultures


11th – 13th February 2011



The Internet has been a mass medium for only fifteen years, but has nonetheless altered society in a manner comparable to the invention of the printed book or the discovery of electricity. The 15th Karlsruhe Dialogues will focus on the positive and negative facets of the ‘secret media revolution’ (Erik Möller) and discuss their effects on individuals and societies in sociological, psychological, technical, and political terms.

The Karlsruhe Dialogues is a potpourri of presentations on basic principles, short statements, papers and discussions which will be accompanied by cultural events intended to contrast the impressions gained and to enrich them through additional aspects seen from an artistic perspective.

The congress will this year concentrate on the following subjects:

-     “The Cult of the Amateur” vs. mass creativity online
-    Social Networks and their effects on the behavior of the digital consumer
-    Open Government and Government2.0
-    Sharing knowledge is power: The changing relationship between experts and laypersons
-    Who governs the global internet?
-    Digital Music and cultural heritage in the Internet
-    Blogger and Whistleblower – the Internet between freedom of speech and censorship
-    Cybersecurity as an international task
-    Abuse of the internet: cybercrime
-    Questions of morality and ethical values in the new cyberculture
-    Web 4.0 –the Future of the Internet

We’d be very happy to welcome you!
You can attend the events within the Karlsruhe Dialogues without an entrance fee (apart from the production of the Badisches Staatstheater).
Conference languages: German, English; simultaneous interpreting.

Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha
Swenja Zaremba M.A.
Public Relations:
Anna Kwiatkowski M.A.


Bilder der Karlsruher Gespräche
Bilder der Karlsruher Gespräche
Bilder der Karlsruher Gespräche






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The ZAK is very pleased and appreciative to be partnered by the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur of the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg eG that supports the Karlsruhe Dialogues together with the city of Karlsruhe. As Honorary Senator Thomas Renner, chief executive of the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg eG and chairman of the board of trustees, pointed out in his opening speech of the 9th in 2005, this partnership is of mutual and lasting interest:

“The Karlsruhe Dialogues represent a first step and are part of our commitment. The intention of the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur is to support the ZAK as a scientific institution and thus to contribute to the idea of public science, to help making science more transparent and to serve as a source of inspiration based on practical business experience. We are looking forward to this co-operation.”

The ZAK wishes to express its thanks for the generous support that has been making possible the top-class symposia since 2005. We are looking forward to our further co-operation