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Dear students, dear teachers, dear guests,

we have the central mission to provide interdisciplinary teaching offers to all students of KIT. Thus, you can voluntarily extend your subject studies and acquire key qualifications or additional credits. In addition, you can take advantage of further study offers of ZAK and acquire one of the ZAK certificates (8 to 10 LP) or complete an accompanying study program (19 to 22 LP). The acquired knowledge meaningfully expands the professional background and provides orientation for studies, career and society. In a time of great social dynamics, orientation knowledge, intercultural and interdisciplinary competence, responsibility and judgment are required to a special degree.
On these pages you will find all relevant information about our offers.
Be curious! Discover the diversity of the worlds of knowledge!

A warm welcome to all international students!

We offer seminars both in English and German which are open to all students – no matter if you’re a full-time student at KIT or only here for a limited time. We will be happy to work in intercultural groups, allowing new perspectives on topics of global relevance. We foster the intercultural exchange at KIT both through communication and learning together.

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