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Today, interdisciplinary education is more important than ever. Key qualifications that equip students, academic elites and future decision-makers with hands-on know-how and critical discernment are a necessity that is increasingly being acknowledged -- and universities are increasingly involved in developing teaching concepts to adequately disseminate those skills.

At ZAK we offer, due to our qualified lecturers from within and outside university, a variety of opportunities to facilitate a better understanding of the complex modern society we live in. We see the task of interdisciplinary education not only as the dissemination of informative knowledge and the acquirement of critical understanding, but also as an instigation to be socially responsible and actively involved in shaping our society.

Our library is located at the ZAK. It offers a good selection of relevant books in the area of Cultural Studies. The library is open to all students.

A warm welcome to all international students!

We offer seminars both in English and German which are open to all students – no matter if you’re a full-time student at KIT or only here for a limited time. We will be happy to work in intercultural groups, allowing new perspectives on topics of global relevance. We foster the intercultural exchange at KIT both through communication and learning together.

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About 70 of the roughly 180 lectures and seminars of a semester programme of Studium Generale are taught by lecturers of the ZAK teaching staff. These lecturers are experts from within and outside university and offer a wide variety from the fields of science, research, economy, culture, administration, and politics, all bringing extensive professional experience into the seminars and lectures.