Karlsruhe Dialogues 2010

Organized Crime - Dark Sides of Globalization

Alberto Andreani




is Programme Officer at the Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking of Human Beings (OSR-CTHB) of the OSCE in Vienna/Austria. At the Italian Police, he was member of the Rapid Reaction Force, Task Force Leader at the Anti-Drug Department and Deputy Head of the Anti-Robbery Unit at the Police Crime Headquarters as well as Deputy Head of the Homicide Unit and the Organized Crime Unit. Andreani had several engagements abroad, for example as attaché in the Italian Embassy in Ukraine, as Head of Investigations in the Kosovo Organized Crime Bureau and Head of the Task Force against Trafficking of Human Beings at the Central Intelligence Unit in Kosovo, and as Law Enforcement Consultant of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva/Switzerland. From 2005 to 2006, Andreani served as Law Enforcement Consultant for Migration in Georgia and Armenia and from 2006 to 2009 he was Project Co-ordinator at the Prevention of Human Trafficking in the Russian Federation, International Organization for Migration.

Andreani has 27 years of experience in the Italian law enforcement sector, during which he was tasked with the management of long-term investigations of transnational organized crime networks and their co-ordination with other international agencies. He is experienced in the use of modern investigative techniques that have proved effective in identifying transnational organized groups, monitoring their activities, collecting evidence, making arrests, etc., by means of various technologies and methods (use of informants/witness protection, undercover operations, listening devices, etc.), with due reference to legal limitations. He is also very experienced in the use of modern technology for crime and victim registration (databases, computer security systems, exchange of information, securing confidentiality, etc.). His experience in combating organized crime is not limited to investigation, but also includes prosecution and border control aspects as well as project management of the Italian Department of Justice.