20th Karlsruhe Dialogues - Speakers

Morning Panel Discussion - Europe: A Solidarity Community in Danger?


Markus Brock


Markus Brock, born in 1963, is a television presenter at 3sat, ARTE and SWR. For many years now, he has been hosting talk shows, magazine programmes, and reports, for example: the prime-time infotainment talk show SonntagAbend on SWR (which was called Samstagabend until the summer of 2011); MuseumsCheck on 3sat; and Musikalische Reise (‘Musical Journey’) for SWR, MDR, rbb, and hr, as well as Die Grenzgänger (‘The cross-border commuters’) for ARTE. Brock studied political science and sociology in Heidelberg. In addition to hosting further television programmes for ARD and ZDF, the erudite editor has hosted numerous radio programmes at SWF3 for ten years. Brock also frequently moderates discussions, forums, and events on a diverse array of topics. His areas of specialty include business, culture, and travel, as well as science and research.