17th Karlsruhe Dialogues – Music

The ‘In-Between Society’: Tradition and Modernism in Conflict

David Bermudez



David Bermudez, born in 1977 in Barcelona, comes from a family of flamenco artists. At the age of six, he took his first steps in flamenco art at the theatre La Farándula in his hometown. There, he accompanied a number of guitarists and flamenco dance groups as a percussionist, until he discovered his true calling as a pianist at the age of ten. Various artists of the genre of the Catalan rumba and the flamenco pop taught him the art of playing the flamenco piano. Later, he took part in a three-month advanced course at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona, despite being self-taught. Since then, he has shared the stage with great artists from different countries, such as Joaquín Cortés (Mexico, 2005), or Eibon Glover (Germany, 2007). He has also worked as a musical director for the Argentinian production company RGB (2011) in the most successful television shows in the country, and has been involved in the production of many music albums for various artists, including Parrita. Currently, he is working with several dance groups, among them the Compañia Maria Serrano. He uses his experience in Latin-American music to work at the side of the renowned singer Luis Frank of the group Buena Vista Social Club.