Certificates at ZAK


The mostly thematically oriented certificates at ZAK offer students the opportunity to acquire an additional interdisciplinary qualification at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). This initiative takes into account both the frequently demanded interlocking of specialized technical education and general education and the approach of enabling skills. Thus, the certificates at ZAK serve to expand interdisciplinarity in studies and to improve career prospects.

The certificates at ZAK are a content-based profiling of interdisciplinary courses. The certificates at ZAK offer all students new opportunities to expand their competencies on a voluntary basis with a clear requirement profile and a verifiable qualification.

With a view to the technical profile of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the area-specific courses offered at ZAK focus on key interdisciplinary topics. As a job-related qualification, they offer a connectable interdisciplinary supplement for most technical disciplines. In addition to the area-specific certificates, the Studium Generale certificate offers the opportunity to have a minimum number of completed courses from different subject areas certified in each case.

The certificates at ZAK at a glance

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Target groups

The target groups of this program are students of all disciplines as well as guest students (as far as places are available) who want to deal more intensively with the respective subject area of a chosen module and thus broaden their subject profile. All certificates at ZAK deal with the topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. Therefore, they do not require any specific prior subject knowledge, but a fundamental interest in a cultural studies-oriented analysis of the topics in question.

Type and scope of course work

A total of 8 credit points can be earned in the thematically oriented certificates at ZAK (exceptions: Studium Generale and MTF each 10 credit points). This corresponds to a scope of three seminars per certificate. In one of the three seminars, an ungraded participation certificate with two credit points is acquired. In two further seminars, either an oral performance in the form of a short presentation or a written paper of approx. 5 pages or 15,000 characters is written in consultation with the seminar leader, for which 3 credit points and a grade are awarded in each case. A seminar paper can also be replaced by a written examination. As a rule, an oral presentation with a thesis paper is considered a short presentation.

Statutes and registration

You can find a detailed overview of the required achievements in the "Statutes for the Acquisition of a Certificate at ZAK" (Satzung zum Erwerb eines Zertifikats am ZAK)

A written registration is required for participation in the certificates at ZAK. You can download the registration form here, fill it out, save it, and send it to stg∂zak.kit.edu. Alternatively, you can drop off the completed form at the ZAK office. Registration is possible at any time.

Registration form

Expiration of the DiMa, EURIIS, INTER-ACT, MeKKo, FunD and MTF certificates.

As of the winter semester 2022/23, the above-mentioned certificates can no longer be obtained. Students who have already started can still complete them by arrangement.