20th Karlsruhe Dialogues - Speakers

Opening Keynote Lecture - Challenging Europe: Germany's EU Ambitions

Morning Panel Discussion - Europe: A Solidarity Community in Danger?


Prof. Dr. Anthony Glees


Prof. Dr. Anthony Glees has been professor of politics at the University of Buckingham since 2008 and directs its Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS). He was previously a professor at Brunel University, London.

He has two long-standing academic concerns, with security and intelligence-led activity, and with German political development and Britain’s relations with Germany.

His publications include amongst others: Reinventing Germany: German Political Development Since 1945” (1996) and The Stasi Files: the UK Operations of the East German Intelligence and Security Service (2003).

He has been invited to give evidence to various Parliamentary inquiries, most recently on privacy and security to the British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, on free speech and the rule of law to the parliamentary group on the rule of law, and on the interception of communications to the parliamentary panel examining proposed legislation in this area.

A frequent commentator on his subject, he has addressed specialist audiences at home and abroad, including in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and many EU states; recent lectures have been given in the USA and to the German Intelligence Academy at Munich. Over the past two years, he has on three occasions been asked to present evidence to Parliamentary committees concerned with security issues. Current invitations to give keynote talks include ones at The British Academy, The Cambridge Festival of Ideas in 2015, and the ECR Group in the European Parliament.