The ZAK’s research addresses topics within the fields of globalisation, identity, cultural and technological change, intercultural communication, and the mediation of interdisciplinary competencies and their relevance in an international competition. Thus, the ZAK contributes to the scientific reflection and shaping of social and cultural practice and applied teaching.


Projects and Research at ZAK


BMBF project on the scenario development of our world of work in the distant future with Human Factors and Ergonomics Scientists, Futurologists and Science Fiction experts.

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Task Force Cultural Heritage

This project wants to systematically concentrate all KIT competences able to contribute to the preservation of cultural assets.

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CampusRadio Karlsruhe

This media project of the five Karlsruhe state universities offers students a learning platform for cross-media and journalistic work.

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Centre of Digital Tradition (CODIGT)

The collaborative research and service institution CODIGT is dedicated to the task of contributing to the preservation of digital cultural heritage and various types of science and research data.

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The Academic Council on Culture and Foreign Policy (WIKA) is a platform for scientists and political, cultural, and medial personalities concerning questions of foreign cultural and educational policy.

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Within the framework of the EU project MIGRASCOPE, ZAK has been developing concepts with project partners from different countries in order to support migrants as well as employers in the process of labour market integration.

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European Integration and Institutional Studies (EURIIS)

EURIIS supports the European competence of German and foreign students at KIT.

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Interculturality and Globalisation

This project concentrates intercultural and mediative competences in the cross-sectional area “Interculturality and Globalisation” at ZAK.

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KompetenzKompass - Find your way!

This accompanying trainee programme supports active KIT students in acquiring supplementary key skills and thus contributes to their future career path.

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Anna Lindh Foundation

Since 2006, ZAK has been member of the German Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. In March 2012, ZAK was elected as the new coordinator of the Network for the Dialogue between Cultures.

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Public Science and New Media

This field includes studies of the typology of scientific videos on the internet, research on the social influence of the portrayal of science in science fiction films, participatory culture in science museums, the documentation and dissemination of new cultural heritage, and the further development of Public Science in the era of Web 2.0.

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