And the KI Science Film Award goes to…

Pictures of the Award Ceremony


The winners of the KI Science Film Award in the Science Year 2019 have been determined:


Best Feature Film

Who Made You?
(Finland 2019, 80 min, director: Iiris Härmä)


Best Short Film

(Canada 2018, 14 min, directors: Kailey Spear, Sam Spear)


Honorable Mention: Best Artistic Contribution

(Austria 2018, 7 min, director: Eni Brandner)


Honorable Mention: Best Socio-critical Contribution

The Illegal Film
(Germany 2018, 84 min, directors: Martin Baer, Claus Wischmann)

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Honorable Mention: Best Newcomer Film

(Germany 2018, 11 min, directors: Ann-Cathrine Beyer, Mathilda Schiller, Laura Blüggel, Vera Siller, Magdalene Mumme)


Honorable Mention: Audience Darling

Autonomous Artifacts
(Germany 2019, 67 min, directors: Johannes Kohout, Janek Totaro)

Our sincere congratulations on their success to all the winners!