Courses offered by ZAK

ZAK offers thematically oriented certificates (8 to 11 ECTS) and supplementary studies (19 to 22 ECTS) which serve to expand interdisciplinarity in studies. Students acquire key skills that are important not only for their professional career, but also for their studies and for the society as a whole.

Supplementary Studies on Science, Technology and Society

The Supplementary Studies provide students with basic knowledge about the interrelationships between science, technology and society.

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Supplementary Studies on Culture and Society

Certified additional qualification for your studies. The Supplementary aims to provide students with basic interdisciplinary knowledge and cultural science competencies.

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Supplementary Studies on Sustainable Development

The Supplementary Studies provide students with various approaches to transformation knowledge, as well as with the basic principles and application areas of Sustainable Development.

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Guest professorship

Impulses for research and teaching at ZAK: ZAK tendered the guest professorship "Science and Society".

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Spring Academy Sustainability

Everyone interested in sustainable development is invited to get to know ecological and technical developments at the spring academy sustainability.

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Certificates at ZAK

The mostly thematically oriented certificates at ZAK offer students the opportunity to acquire an additional interdisciplinary qualification.

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ZAK alumni

The ZAK alumni form an interdisciplinary network between culture, technology and business.

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