New Media and Public Communication of Science

Open Science and New Media

The ZAK research department “Open Science and New Media” has emerged in 2010 from the German Research Foundation project InsideScience. As a creative think tank at the ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies, it has focused on research projects on science communication and new media, developing new ideas and interdisciplinary projects in the sciences, arts, and humanities.

Our research focuses on:

Studies on the typology of popular science videos on the internet, research on the social impact of the portrayal of science in science fiction films, participatory culture in science museums, the documentation and dissemination of new cultural heritage, and the development of open science in the age of Web 2.0.

Our practical projects include:

e.g. "InsideScience – Public Science in the Collaborative Research Projects" or "Science in Theater" projects in cooperation with theaters such as the "Badisches Staatstheater";

"e-Installation – Synesthetic Documentation of Media Art at Risk" (a joint project with the Chair for Intelligent Sensor-Actuator-Systems (ISAS);

video contributions such as Krieg der Titanen: Rätsel um die Jupitergigantensäule, for the HEiKA-MUSIEKE Project about seeing and understanding cultural change in real and virtual space with the example of the Jupiter Column ("Iupitergigantensäule") in Ladenburg, Germany;

ZAK lessons: Digitalisierung. Die Download-Kultur und ihre Folgen, an animated short about  digitalization, the "Culture of Downloading" and its consequences;

or “Open Science in Theatre”, in cooperation, amongst others, with the Staatstheater Karlsruhe.


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