22nd Karlsruhe Dialogues - Speakers

Who Owns the Smart City? The Democratic Threat of Network Urbanism


Leo Hollis


Leo Hollis was born in London in 1972. He studied History at the University of East Anglia, and started working in publishing. He is the author of two works of urban history: The Phoenix. St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Men Who Made Modern London (2008) and The Stones of London. A History in Twelve Buildings (2011). In 2013, he published the international bestseller Cities Are Good for You. The Genius of the Metropolis. He has written for, amongst others, The Times Literary Supplement, the Financial Times, The Guardian, and the New Statesman. He has lectured and given public talks on contemporary urbanism across the world, including at TEDx, the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow, and the Academy of Urbanism in London. He is senior editor at the radical publishing house Verso Books.