Events for science and the public

We take up pressing questions from science and society and would like to discuss them with you: Are renewable energies able to cover the demand for energy? What ethical questions does the use of genetic engineering raise? How can science help politics to make good decisions? What role does the media play in science communication? These are just some of the questions that we would like to put up for debate and that we want to discuss with scientists, students, public figures and citizens.

With our events, we want to enhance the exchange between science and society. In doing so, we want to involve actors from science, politics, economy, the media, culture and society and put forward their different perspectives.

We are looking forward to your participation at our varied programme!

You have missed an event? Video recordings and pictures are available online.

Colloquium Fundamentale

The Colloquium Fundamentale, held every semester, is one of the main lecture series at KIT.

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KIT in the City Hall

KIT represents the cooperation between the Universität Karlsruhe and the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. KIT presents its Centers to the public.

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International Forum

The ZAK has established its “Internationales Forum” to create a platform for culturally diverse presentations and discussions between KIT and the public.

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World Science Café

In the event series „World Science Café”, fled and threatened scientists offer insights into their research.

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Jean Monnet Keynote Lecture

With the Jean Monnet Keynote Lecture, KIT students and employees as well as the public are given the opportunity to enter a dialogue on European integration and European institutions with recognised experts in the field.

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ZAK: Science meets society

The social responsibility of research, teaching and innovation.

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Public Service Review; European Science & Technology: issue 12

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