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Our core topic is the exchange between science and society in teaching, public events and research. The teaching and research of a university of excellence such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) potentially contributes to overcoming major social and global challenges. For this to succeed, it is important that science and society are in dialogue. As central scientific unit at KIT, we contribute to the following activities:

  • In teaching, students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, key competences and knowledge outside their own subject boundaries. The General Studies as well as in-depth study programmes provide orientation for one’s studies and society. Our teaching prepares students for successful action in their later professional life at the interfaces between science, economy, politics and the public.

  • In events for the public, we take up socially relevant debates on the environment, technology and science and reflect on the consequences of scientific action. We also ask how the exchange between science and society can succeed and how it should be shaped in liberal democracies.

  • In our research, we deal with the dynamics of public debates on science, technology and sustainability based on social science research methods.


KIT in the City Hall
KIT in the City Hall

On 29 January 2024 the KIT Centre Health Technologies presented its research on the topic “Health of the future – Society and medical technology in transition” in Karlsruhe’s city hall.

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Colloquium Fundamentale

In the winter semester 2023/24, experts will examine the distribution, use and impact of political information in the digital age in the lecture series Colloquium Fundamentale.

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Guest Prof Helen Fischerprivat
Guest professorship at ZAK

Vital impulses for research and teaching: On October 15, cognitive psychologist Dr. Helen Fischer assumes the second guest professorship "Science and Society" at ZAK.

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Science Week KIT
ZAK Talks at KIT Science Week

At the final weekend (14/15 October 2023) of the KIT Science Week, the ZAK Talks will discussed the role of science, politics and journalism in sustainability debates.

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You can find an overview of past activities in our timeline.

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About us

ZAK is a central academic unit at KIT based on three pillars: research, studies and public science.

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