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Agricultural systems of the future

On 25 June 2020 Prof. Dr. Monika Schreiner, Prof. Dr. Marcus Geimer and other speakers discussed at the Colloquium Fundamentale how we can shape the agricultural systems of the future. The lecture and discussion again took place as a live-stream on the ZAK-YouTube-Channel.

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Euro-Med Debate Online Competition

The third edition of the Competition takes place in the weekends of 22nd/23rd and 29th/30th August 2020. The intercultural Online Debates are open for young people from the euro-mediterranean regions. Register until Sunday, 19th July 2020.

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Teaser Frühlingstage
Sustainability Spring Days at KIT

The Sustainability Spring Days at KIT will take place on 22-25 March 2021. In various events it will be explored how science can contribute to understanding and fostering the sustainability of technical, social and ecological systems.

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New Debate Exchange Cycles – Register now!

As part of the Erasmus + Virtual Exchange Program: Debate Exchange Activity new English Debate Team Leader Trainings take place on 19th September and 31st October 2020. Participants from the Euro-mediteran area will debate online.

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International Forum on system export of Chinese party-state

On 26 November 2019 Dr. Nis Grünberg analysed the Chinese party-state compared with liberal-democratic systems. The lecture has been recorded an can be found on the ZAK-YouTube-Channel.

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World Science Café

In his lecture on 13 February 2020 the sociologist Dr. Jonathan Ngeh talked about the exploitation and abuse of Cameroonians who migrated to the Arab Gulf States. ​The lecture has been recorded an can be found on the ZAK-YouTube-Channel.

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The future of our work is uncertain? With the BMBF project FutureWork, ZAK is breaking new ground to change this. Human Factors and Ergonomics, Futurology and Science Fiction are working together on new future scenarios.

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A new volume published

The volume “NationEUropa.The Polarised Solidarity Community” deals with the pressures in Europe and the consequences for the global community and democracy. Moreover the authors try to illustrate ways out of the existential crisis of Europe.

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ZAK: Science meets society

As responsible corporate institutions, research universities experience new challenges: they are expected to provide innovative and highly specialised new and robust knowledge; unintended social and cultural effects are to be adequately anticipated; and both scientific communities and the broader public are to be involved in communication processes. Read more

A Concise Profile

The ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies aims at interdisciplinarity. It contributes to communicate between the sciences and the humanities and mediates between science and society by means of specific projects on the basis of the university’s concept of structure and development.

Tasks and Goals:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary teaching at the university and the dissemination of knowledge following the tradition of the Liberal Arts
  • Facilitating student education in career-relevant key qualifications
  • Developing and offering innovative teaching and learning modules for interdisciplinary education
  • Intensifying the dialogue between different academics in the area of social impact and cultural change
  • Developing and organizing events intending to intensify the exchange between science and society
  • Researching framework requirements and megatrends in the range of competence acquirement from the perspective of cultural studies

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