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Talks of the Town

Multidisciplinary, intercultural and controversial: Each of a total of 13 “Stadtgespräche” (Talks of the Town) is set in the framework of the 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe in the festival pavilion in the castle gardens. This new series of events presents current issues relating to the history and development of the town involving both audience and special guests: Wednesdays, June 24 until September 23 2015, at 7.30 p.m.

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Karlsruhe Science Film Days

In cooperation with city marketing Karlsruhe and the editor house Spektrum der Wissenschaft ZAK proudly presented the first »Karlsruhe Science Film Days« during EFFEKTE, the Karlsruhe Science Festival. Screenings of and public discussions on science films of all kinds were held on three nights between June 30 and July 2nd 2015.

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Anna Lindh Foundation - Clustermeeting 2015
Cluster meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation 2015

The challenges and opportunities of (inter-)cultural work were the focus of the cluster meeting ‘Migration’ and ‘Art & Culture’ on the 9th -10th of July 2015 in Leipzig.

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Spectrum of Light
Spectrum of Light

In the summer term 2015 the course of lectures Colloquium Fundamentale dedicated itself to the crucial significance of light for mankind’s technical and cultural history.

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Teaser KIT at city hall
KIT at the City Hall

On June, 10, 2015 scientists of the KIT Mobility Systems Center presented fascinating research relating to mobility, technology, and mobility behavior.

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e-Installation Teaser
ZAK Research Project Awarded

»e-Installation«, a project for Telepresence-based documentation of endangered media art, was chosen on May 11, 2015, by the initiative „Germany – Land of Ideas“ as one of hundred “Excellent Landmarks” in the competition of 2015.

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KIT Ensembles in Concert
KIT Ensembles in Concert

Watch out for the latest events of KIT Symphony Orchestra, KIT Choir, Bigband and other tremendous ensembles as well as current information about what is going on in Public Science by visiting our event calendar.

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Teaser Supernova

Science on stage aims at presenting cutting-edge research and science in general in a theatrical format. The three events were held in a pavilion on castle square on June, 28 and 30, and July, 2nd 2015.

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A Concise Profile

The ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies aims at interdisciplinarity. It contributes to communicate between the sciences and the humanities and mediates between science and society by means of specific projects on the basis of the university’s concept of structure and development.

Tasks and Goals:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary teaching at the university and the dissemination of knowledge following the tradition of the Liberal Arts
  • Facilitating student education in career-relevant key qualifications
  • Developing and offering innovative teaching and learning modules for interdisciplinary education
  • Intensifying the dialogue between different academics in the area of social impact and cultural change
  • Developing and organizing events intending to intensify the exchange between science and society
  • Researching framework requirements and megatrends in the range of competence acquirement from the perspective of cultural studies

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