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Jesús Muñoz Morcillo
Contact Person
Jesús Muñoz Morcillo 


Tel.: 0721 608‐48933

New Media and Public Communication of Science

Since the creation of this department in 2010 for the realization of the InsideScience project the ZAK has perched on making research and quality management for projects at the interface between public communication of science and new media.


As a creative think-tank at the ZAK, this department not only makes research on science communication but also sparks new ideas and carries out interdisciplinary projects on science, art and humanities, which focus on the use of new media and technologies.


To our research topics on science communication belong the study of typologies of popular science videos on YouTube, the social impact of science depictions in Sci-Fi movies, participatory culture in science museums, the documentation and dissemination of new cultural heritage, and the development of public communication of science in the age of web 2.0.


Our practical projects include "e-Installation – Synesthetic Documentation of Media Art at Risk" (joint project with ISAS, see description above), "InsideScience – Public Science in the Collaborative Research Projects" or "Science in Theater" projects in cooperation with theaters such as the "Badisches Staatstheater".


Currently we are working on a video contribution for the HEiKA-MUSIEKE Project about seeing and understanding cultural change in real and virtual space on the example of the Jupiter Column ("Iupitergigantensäule") in Ladenburg, Germany.



  • Muñoz Morcillo, Jesús; Faion, Florian; Zea, Antonio; Hanebeck, Uwe D.; Robertson-von Trotha, Caroline Y.: e-Installation: Synesthetic Documentation of Media Art via Telepresence Technologies. Preprint verfügbar: http://arxiv-web3.library.cornell.edu/abs/1408.1362
  • Greiner, Thorsten; Muñoz Morcillo, Jesús; Robertson-von Trotha, Caroline Y., Rümmele, Klaus (2012): Öffentlichkeit und Neue Medien: das Projekt InsideScience.   In: Tokar, A.; Beurskens, M.; Keuneke, S.; Mahrt, M.; Peters, I.; Puschmann, C.; van Treeck, T.; & Weller, K. (Hrsg.): Science and the Internet, Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf University Press, S. 275-286