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The Femtec.Network – Careerbuilding for Female Students

Plakat zu FemtecAs of July 2007, the KIT is an official partner in the Femtec Network. In this nationwide consortium, which was established in 2003, eleven large internationally active companies and eight renowned technical universities have joined together to promote interest in engineering and the sciences among young women, and to improve their prospects of entering into technical professions as well as their prospects for advancement in those fields.

The Femtec Careerbuilding Programme specifically prepares top female students from the above-mentioned disciplines for entry into their respective professions. It also prepares them to take over managerial tasks, and creates a network of colleagues that spans various disciplines and various universities. In addition to the core course of study, other required skills as well as transdisciplinary economic know-how will be taught through tiered workshops and training sessions at the Berlin headquarters. The programme will be supplemented by a targeted integration of contacts in the relevant fields, by practical modules, and by the introduction of innovative instruments of individual career promotion such as coaching and mentoring. About 80 KIT students are already active in the Femtec Network.

Female students from the sciences and the technical disciplines who are at the Masters (or Hauptstudium) level can apply online for a two-year course in the career building programme.

For more information on Femtec, see: http://www.femtec.org/


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