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Parents for Future Karlsruhe Parents for Future Karlsruhe
Parents for Future Karlsruhe

We are a free association of adults and as Parents For Future we stand in solidarity with the Fridays For Future movement. We support young people in their peaceful protest for ambitious climate protection in Germany and worldwide. For us, this also explicitly includes the means of the school strike. As the older generation, we see ourselves as having a special responsibility to stop global warming, which we have significantly caused - for the generation of our children.

Our commitment includes work at schools and in the local public, as well as carrying out our own actions on the topic of climate and environmental protection. Our aim is to support young people in their efforts to promote a consistent climate and environmental protection policy and to focus the public debate on their justified demands. We see the findings of international science on climate change as an essential legitimisation for our joint action.

We demand:

Limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C, in line with the latest IPCC report
Uphold the criteria of climate justice as agreed in the Paris Agreement
Significantly bolder and immediate action for climate protection in all sub-sectors and a comprehensive climate protection strategy
A halt to coal-fired power generation and its subsidies as well as a CO2 levy
A new climate protection law for the immediate implementation of all measures and strategies in all sectors.
We are independent of political parties and organisations and not beholden to companies or institutional interest groups. We are open to all who freely and critically stand up for a self-determined and liveable future. Everyone who identifies with our work as well as our mission statement is invited to get involved and help out. Involvement in our group is independent of whether or not someone has children of their own.

Our mission statement

Our self-organisation is grassroots and we are diverse. Racism, sexism, xenophobia and discrimination in any form have no place with us. We are committed to strict non-violence. An appropriation of Fridays For Future by adults - in whatever form and for whatever purpose - contradicts our self-image. That is why we work locally, regionally and nationally in close consultation with Fridays for Future.


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