Liberación e.V. Karlsruhe

Liberación e.V. Karlsruhe Liberación e.V. Karlsruhe
Liberación e.V. Karlsruhe

We know our coffee producers personally, alternative trade with Liberacion e.V.

The association Liberacion Karlsruhe has been working in the field of fair and alternative trade for over 20 years. We do information work on our favourite topic, solidarity coffee from Central America, and want to give the producers in the global south more visibility. For some years now, we have been organising events for the fair trade week, with the topics coffee trade, fair textiles and cooperatives. Last year, we worked intensively on the Supply Chain Act initiative and developed an exhibition on it. Our current project is an online platform on fair trade; the Here we present information about our cooperatives on interactive maps. Furthermore, data on fair trade on a global scale are processed, such as the amount of certified coffee in the total amount of traded coffee.

At the Market of Opportunities of the Spring Days of Sustainability at KIT we want to present our first draft of the and discuss it with you.

We see ourselves as a small action group and enjoy supporting events, street festivals and demos with delicious, fragrant and fairly traded coffee.

We meet regularly at the Gewerbehof in Steinstraße 23, but currently more online.