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KonsumGlobal Karlsruhe

We, a team of young committed people from Karlsruhe, conduct city tours on the topics of "sustainable consumption", "globalisation" and "climate change". Here we not only look behind the scenes of the big advertising campaigns, but also look together for alternatives on how to shape our way of life to enable a more sustainable society. In addition, we take a stand against the throwaway society by building give boxes in Karlsruhe.

People on all continents wear the same jeans and trainers, hamburgers are eaten worldwide, millions communicate with their smartphones. The production processes of these consumer goods often remain hidden.

In order to raise awareness about the effects of purchasing behaviour, the group KonsumGlobal Karlsruhe organises city tours critical of consumption. These tours introduce the participants to the topic in a vivid way and show concrete alternatives for action.

We want to raise awareness of the fact that consumers have a significant influence on what is on our shopping shelves and can thus actively change society and the world for the better.

As a small environmental organisation, we organise consumer-critical city tours, natural cosmetics workshops, seminars on "Fair Economy" and we are in charge of the "Give-Boxes" in Karlsruhe. Our events are designed to be interactive, to inform, to show concrete alternatives for action and to motivate that sustainable consumption can be implemented in everyday life.

The KonsumGlobal project group developed from a project idea by FÖJ students and the BUNDjugend. As a result, KonsumGlobal continues to be supported by BUND Mittlerer Oberrhein, for example by allowing us to use their premises.

Our cooperation partners are BUND Mittlerer Oberrhein, Weltladen-Dachverband, Karlsruher Netzwerk Eine Welt, City of Karlsruhe and a tip: tap e.V.


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BUND Mittlerer Oberrhein
Waldhornstraße 25
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel.: 0721358582
Email: Konsum.global.karlsruhe∂posteo.de