Public keynote speech

Monday, March 18, 2024, 6 p.m. (free admission)
Audimax, Straße am Forum 1, KIT Campus Süd, Geb. 30.95

Please note that the keynote speech is only offered in German.

Pictures of the event


Prof. Dr. Kora Kristof
Vice-President Digitalization and Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Senja Post
Professor of Science Communication, Scientific Director of the ZAK at KIT

Sascha Ott
Managing Director of the KIT Centre for Mobility Systems, Managing Director of the Institute for Product Development (IPEK) at KIT

Keynote Speech (German)
Prof. Dr. Barbara Lenz

Former Director of the Institute of Transport Research at the German Aerospace Centre

The fact that the realisation of sustainability today is the prerequisite for a future worth living has almost become a formula whose validity is widely accepted. Accordingly, many cities in Germany have now developed a mobility masterplan. In order to achieve this goal, cities and local authorities, federal states and the federal government need to develop an attractive and reliable service and people need to be willing to accept this service. What seems to be gradually succeeding in larger cities is much more difficult in rural areas. But here, too, new mobility concepts are being developed that promise a fundamental improvement in the service.
Based on the experience of how difficult it is to make our mobility more sustainable overall by developing the supply side alone, there is a consensus in science and planning that change can only be achieved with greater control. A number of examples from Germany and its neighbouring countries show that this can work and how it can be effective. However, the lecture will also make it clear that the answer to the question "Sustainable mobility - illusion or achievable goal?" is neither easy nor simple.