Courses at ZAK

Winter term 2021/22 Talking about climate change beyond the “green bubble” in the Coronavirus times
Summer term 2021 Talking about climate change beyond the “green bubble” in the Coronavirus times
Summer term 2020 Talking about climate change beyond the ‘green bubble’
Winter term 2019/20 Motivating action on climate change: recent campaigns and their impacts
Winter term 2018/19 Effective Communication on Climate Change
Summer term 2018

Climate Change: Communication and Creative Story-Telling

Winter term 2017/18 Visual Story-Telling and Communication of Climate Change
The Bumpy Roads of Maps: Critical and Creative Mapping
Summer term 2017 Communication on Climate Change trough Visual Story-Telling


Lilia Raileanu is a Sociologist with a background in Fine Arts and Psychology. She received a Ph.D. degree in Sociology from Rutgers University (USA) in 2018.

Her main interests integrate studies of uncertainty and temporalityclimate change and public healthvisual methods and culture, science communication and public engagement, as well as art and social issues. Lilia’s background in participatory theatre influences her teaching methods, which are highly interactive, experiential, sensorial, and stimulating creativity.

Working experience

At Rutgers University, Lilia taught courses that introduced students to Sociology and explored the relationship between the individual and society. She also assisted with teaching a highly popular signature course called Normality and Abnormality, which examined the complex field of social norms.

In 2013, Lilia was awarded by Rutgers University the Certificate of appreciation for excellence in teaching assistance.

Lilia has extensive professional experience in the non-profit/civil society sector, coordinating psycho-social programs within national and international organizations in Moldova. These programs were oriented to improve the well-being of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, women surviving human trafficking, the LGBTQ community and refugees.

Fields of research

In addition to teaching, Lilia has been researching uncertainty and temporality, examining how people experience waiting for salient future events. She also explores how such circumstances are impacted/managed by modern organizations, and how such phenomenon can be visualized. One strand of this research applies the knowledge of visual communication of climate change to explore alternative ways in which migration and its experience can be visualized. This interdisciplinary study brings into the foreground the migrants’ experience of social and temporal uncertainty, using the medium of maps.

Lilia has presented her research in the USA: at the City University of New York, New School for Social Research, Eastern Sociological Society, and Open Society Foundation. Her research also sparked a collaboration with the artist Marcha van der Hurk, who created the installation Sometime Soon, which has been exhibited at the LECQ Gallery in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and has been part of the Art Rotterdam Week 2017 (