Streuobstwiesen-Initiative Streuobstinitiative

Since 1996, the "Streuobstinitiative" has successfully campaigned for the preservation of the orchard landscape in the city and district of Karlsruhe. The initiative buys cider fruit at twice the market price. Condition: The fruit comes from meadow orchards in the region that are managed and cultivated according to contractually defined criteria - including not using chemical and nitrogenous fertilisers, thus protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity.

Organic certification since 2008.

Why all this? Orchard meadows fulfil important ecological and social functions.  This mature cultural landscape is one of the most species-rich habitats in Europe and serves as a refuge for animals already threatened with extinction. It provides valuable habitats for animals and plants and shapes our landscape. The profit from the sale of the juices produced and marketed by the farm supports regional nature conservation projects.


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