Unverpackt FoodCoop Karlsruhe

Unverpackt FoodCoop Karlsruhe Unverpackt FoodCoop Karlsruhe
Unverpackt FoodCoop

The Unverpackt-Foodcoop Karlsruhe emerged from a group of ecologically interested people who met for the first time in September 2018 with the aim of setting up a cooperative in Karlsruhe that is particularly focused on saving packaging waste. This first meeting was initiated by two students who wanted to further expand and share the possibilities of self-organised food shopping according to certain criteria. This has resulted in a community of now over 70 members. Our common goal is to purchase food and other consumer goods as unpackaged and regionally as possible, or to operate a common infrastructure through which we can order and distribute products. In this way, we want to offer an alternative to shopping in conventional supermarkets, where there is often superfluous packaging waste or it is not possible to trace where the products come from. As a group, we can order larger containers directly from producers in the region and thus support the sustainable production of food and other products.

We currently have a small warehouse in Kaiserstraße where we sell many everyday products such as various cereals, pasta, spices, cocoa, sugar, salt, pulses, flour, nuts, oil seeds, a small selection of tea, oil and dried fruit, as well as a small assortment of non-food items such as baking soda, citric acid and washing powder to the members of the Unverpackt-Foodcoop Karlsruhe.

All the necessary work around the purchase, storage and sale of the products is divided among different working groups that organise themselves.

We see ourselves as a group that wants to shape the future of the foodcoop together according to democratic principles, that wants to continue to learn and grow. This aspect is very important for us, as we experience the community and the togetherness of the most diverse people as an enrichment.

We are very happy to welcome new members who would like to contribute with their ideas and skills and would be happy to show you our small and very special shopping paradise in person!


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