ReparaturCafé Karlsruhe e.V.

ReparaturCafé Karlsruhe e.V. ReparaturCafé Karlsruhe e.V.

We are a colourful group of volunteers who want to make a joint contribution to making our society a little more sustainable - both ecologically and socially. That's why we regularly organise repair cafés in Karlsruhe, where broken items can be repaired together and under supervision, and you can also meet lots of nice people over coffee and cake.

We currently have a pool of about 50 - 60 people who participate as repairers in the workshops or helpers in the café and reception area. The group of organisers is much smaller - currently about 15 people. Accordingly, we would be happy to have more helpers - whether organising, repairing or baking cakes! If you would like to find out more, take a look here.

The ReparaturCafé Karlsruhe was founded in autumn 2013 as part of the KIT project "Quartier Zukunft, Labor Stadt" in the Oststadt district of Karlsruhe, where many ReparaturCafés have taken place since then. From April 2015 until the founding of the ReparaturCafé Karlsruhe e.V. in April 2017, there was also a very active offshoot in Karlsruhe's Weststadt, which was organised by a very committed private person in close cooperation with the café in the Oststadt. 

Since March 2020, many things have changed for us because of the Corona pandemic: to date, almost all RepairCafés have had to be cancelled; only in summer and autumn 2020 did we hold three events under strict hygiene conditions. In February and March 2021, we participated in two nationwide online repair cafés, which were quite successful. And now we are waiting for it to start again soon...


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