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Badischer Landesverein für innere Mission

Südweststadt and Waldstadt neighbourhood projects

In our neighbourhood project "Living Together in Südweststadt" and the neighbourhood project Waldstadt, we offer cross-generational meeting and exchange opportunities in the neighbourhood. The aim is to promote togetherness in the neighbourhood and to create a network for all generations through which young and old can receive mutual support. For this purpose, regular offers as well as activities and events take place.

The sponsor of both neighbourhood projects is the Badische Landesverein für Innere Mission (BLV).

The "Mitmach-Laden Südwest" in Mathystraße and the "Mitmach-Laden Waldstadt" in Königsberger Straße serve as local spaces in the neighbourhoods. The participatory shops are meeting places where ideas are developed and implemented together. Neighbourhood-organised groups can use the premises free of charge.

The activities offered by committed citizens in the neighbourhood projects are as diverse as the respective neighbourhoods themselves - they range from playful, creative and cultural activities to neighbourly cooking followed by a meal together, to activities on topics of sustainability and bartering and sharing. The offers are open to all interested parties and free of charge.

In Südweststadt, the "Mitmach-Laden" and the "Bürgerzentrum Südweststadt" complement each other as places of encounter and civic engagement, and their different locations, sizes and concepts help to appeal to different groups of people.

The neighbourhood workers Monika Scheytt and Franziska Sedlaczek are currently available at the Mitmach-Läden during the usual opening hours and also virtually one day a week.

Personal consultations are available on request, subject to the further development of the pandemic situation. The perspective of the group offers will also depend on the further infection situation. If you would like a personal meeting or would like information about the neighbourhood group offers and activities, please contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

The Waldstadt neighbourhood project is funded by the Deutsche Fernsehlotterie. The neighbourhood project "Living together in Südweststadt" and the Südweststadt community centre are funded by the City of Karlsruhe.


Contact and information:

Monika Scheytt & Franziska Sedlaczek, neighbourhood workers

Website Quartiersprojekte des Badischen Landesvereins für innere Mission


Quartiersprojekt Südweststadt:
Mitmach-Laden Südwest
Mathystr. 12
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel. 0721 38498558
E-Mail: quartiersprojekt∂badischer-landesverein.de
Öffnungszeiten: Mo 10-12 Uhr, Di 10-13 Uhr (virtuell) und Donnerstag 9.30-12.30 Uhr.
Hier geht's zum virtuellen Mitmach-Laden Südwest

Beatrix Wieß, Einrichtungsleitung Friedensheim und Kontakt Bürgerzentrum Südweststadt, Redtenbacherstr. 10-14
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel.: 0721 619015-0
E-Mail: wiess∂badischer-landesverein.de

Webseite Quartiersprojekt Südweststadt

Bürgerzentrum Südweststadt im Friedensheim („Grünes Zimmer“)

Flyer Quartiersprojekt Südweststadt

Projekte Südweststadt:
Urban Gardening


Quartiersprojekt Waldstadt:
Mitmach-Laden Waldstadt
Königsberger Str. 37
76139 Karlsruhe
Tel.: 0721 40242125
E-Mail: quartiersprojekt-waldstadt∂badischer-landesverein.de
Öffnungszeiten: Mo 14-17 Uhr (virtuell), Di 14-17 Uhr und Freitag 10-13 Uhr.
Hier geht's zum virtuellen Mitmach-Laden Waldstadt

Webseite Quartiersprojekt Waldstadt

Flyer Quartiersprojekt Waldstadt

Projekte Waldstadt:
ARTelier Waldstadt
Ideenbüro der Ernst-Reuter-Schule