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Foodsharing Foodsharing
Foodsharing Karlsruhe

Foodsharing is an environmental initiative that campaigns against food waste. We cooperate with all kinds of businesses to prevent the disposal of edible food. Supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants are among our partners - from small owner-operated shops to large chains. Across Germany, 8000 businesses are now cooperating. Since 2012, foodsharing has saved over 40 million kilograms of food from the dustbin together with these businesses. We see ourselves as the last alternative to the bin - we always give priority to food banks and other charities.

Today, one third of all food in Germany is wasted! Food consumes a lot of resources and energy during cultivation, harvest, packaging, transport and storage - and all this only to end up in the bin. Foodsharing wants to raise awareness on the issue; especially for end consumers and businesses. The aim is to educate people on a personal level and to trigger rethinking and responsible action.

In the city and district of Karlsruhe, around 1500 so-called 'food savers' are already registered on the platform, where they can share surplus food and collect it from others. In addition, more than 600 volunteers manage the daily 'food rescue actions' at almost 130 cooperation partners. Foodsharing brings people from different backgrounds together and inspires them to participate, think and act responsibly with the resources of our planet.


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