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Fairantwortung is a non-profit entrepreneurial initiative from Karlsruhe that, as a generator of ideas and participatory community, pursues the goal of raising awareness and pointing out alternatives in order to be a positive catalyst for a sustainable economic system.

The mission of the initiative is to achieve this change not through prohibitions and renunciation, but through reflection and the exchange of ideas in a network with joint projects at eye level.

To this end, it is guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and demonstrates with concrete projects that economy and ecology do not contradict each other, but that a "fairly responsible" coexistence of people and nature is possible. 


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Trinkfair Trinkfair
Trinkfair Turtle Trinkfair
Trinkfair Turtle

One example of this is the campaign "trinkfair - water from the tap", which was developed in cooperation with the municipal utilities of Karlsruhe and Ettlingen and aims to motivate companies and private individuals to switch to climate-friendly tap water. Drinking tap water instead of mineral water not only saves money, but also avoids kilos of waste and CO2 emissions.

"trinkfair" addresses five of the 17 SDGs, and in the meantime other water suppliers have joined the campaign, not only drawing attention to the many advantages of tap water in their catchment areas, but also committing themselves to offering climate-neutral tap water in the future, following the example of the Karlsruhe and Ettlingen public utilities. In this way, Fairantwortung with "trinkfair" also achieves a sustainable impact beyond the region.



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You can also find "trinkfair" on Facebook and Instagram. #trinkfair #WasserausdemHahn

Der Trinkfair-Rechner

Trinkfair-Rechner Trinkfair

Here you can find our Trinkfair footprint calculator, which shows the savings potential of CO2, among other things.

In addition, there is also the Trinkfair Challenge, which encourages you to be counted as a tap water drinker and thus add up what you have achieved together. Click here to go directly to the calculator with the challenge.