BUZO Umweltzentrum und das Projekt Fächergärtner

Fächergärtner Fächergärtner
BUZO Umweltzentrum Karlsruhe BUZO Umweltzentrum Karlsruhe
BUZO Umweltzentrum

The association BUZO e.V. developed from a citizens' initiative that was formed in 1971 as a resistance movement against the expansion of the oil refinery in Karlsruhe. Over the decades, BUZO has dealt with changing issues of the time, such as nuclear power, air pollution, land use or traffic. Today, as an association based only in the city of Karlsruhe, we devote ourselves primarily to current local environmental protection issues and, with the Environmental Centre in Kronenstraße, offer an important meeting place, information and advice centre for other environmental groups, associations and interested citizens*.

Sustainable development and the protection of our livelihoods in the city of Karlsruhe is our most important concern. Therefore, we work on our own projects and in cooperation with other organisations for climate protection, resource conservation, greening, biodiversity, land protection and traffic change.

Using the example of the Fächergärtner project, we present our current commitment to the environment and sustainability. In several districts of Karlsruhe, people have come together in recent years with the support of BUZO to engage in urban gardening. The individual groups plan, build and garden together, and the BUZO coordinates, advises, offers rooms for meetings and serves as a contact and interface for the city administration. The fan gardeners only garden close to nature, they learn from and with each other and exchange knowledge, and many of the active people are involved in sustainability and transformation far beyond gardening. Since the areas are easily accessible in public space and not behind fences or in fenced-off gardens, they can also have a nature education effect on passers-by and visitors.


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