Wasserwende – Trinkwasser ist Klimaschutz

Wasserwende Wasserwende
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Bottled water consumption in Germany has increased more than tenfold since the 1970s. At the same time, we are even importing water by the case across the borders, causing a lot of plastic waste and unnecessary CO2 emissions. And this despite the fact that we have top-quality tap water in Germany. Switching to tap water can save money, CO2, plastic waste and the annoying haulage. It's so simple that anyone and everyone can join in right away.

With the "Water Turnaround" project, which is funded as part of the National Climate Protection Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the non-profit association a tip: tap e.V. is committed to the water turnaround. ("A tip: tap!") is campaigning for tap water nationwide. Karlsruhe-Ost in Oststadt and Innenstadt-Ost is one of the 13 water quarters. There, the local action force Eva Wendeberg is active and, together with the Karlsruhe public utility company and other committed local partners, implements actions in the areas of education, counselling and drinking places (refill and public drinking fountains). Together, they are actively promoting the water turnaround in Karlsruhe.

This year, for example, workshops were held in the children's and youth centre, at the parents' meeting of Turkish mothers (Tulla School) and at the Regio meeting of Viva con Agua.

Questions are answered as to why bottled water consumption is so high in Germany, where our tap water actually comes from and what the reasons are for drinking tap water.

"With the project "Wasserwende - Trinkwasser ist Klimaschutz" (Water Turnaround - Drinking Water is Climate Protection), we want to reverse this bottled water madness and regain appreciation for our drinking water." (Eva).


Eva Wendeberg 
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