Jean Monnet Circle Seminar: European Integration and Institutional Studies


The Jean Monnet Circle Seminar “European Integration and Institutional Studies” offers a basic introduction into the major social, political, cultural, and economic developments in Europe and its interrelation with the process of globalisation and European integration. All topics are presented by alternating experts from different universities and institutions.

The seminar addresses the following topics, among others:

  • Law within the European Union; Human Rights (Dr. Ingo Bott, Kanzlei Plan A)
  • Europe Seen From Outside. Europe and Its Role in the World (Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentzel, Pforzheim University)
  • Europe and the Stars – Images, Narratives, and the Embodiment of a Cultural Vision (Dr. Dr. Jesús Munoz Morcillo, ZAK)
  • The European Union. Institutional Design, Democratic Deficit and Options of Reform (Prof. Dr. Monika Oberle, University of Göttingen)
  • Europe meets the Others – the Others meet Europe (Prof. Dr. Caroline Robertson-von Trotha, Founding Director of ZAK | Cenre for cultural and General Studies at KIT, KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow)
  • Conference for the future (Julian Plottka, Institute for European Politics)
  • The Resilience of the Eurozone in Times of Crisis (Prof. Dr. Joachim Schild, University of Trier)

2-6 ECTS


Registration required via: